The Omapyörä

Omapyörä as a name combines the words of ”omafiets” and ”mummopyörä” which both mean the same type of bike, the ”grandma bike”.

Before our bikes come to Finland they are bought as abandoned bicycles from Dutch municipalities and then refurbished to fit a high-quality standard. We include a lock, reflectors and lights to the bikes for your convenience.

Some of the frames are older, some newer, but all of them are Omapyörä!

Delivered to your home

When we bring our bikes to Finland we have the possibility of arranging delivery in the capital area (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo).

The first run is between 9.7.-13.7.2021, if you would like a home delivery during these dates, please send us a message. We will make it happen!

Both outside and during these dates you can always come pick up your Omapyörä from Vallila, Helsinki!

A part of the Dutch culture

The Netherlands is known for its bicycles and bicycle paths, and we want to bring a small piece of that culture to Finland!

You can read more about us and the idea below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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