About us​

Who are we?

We are two students, Jesse and Nemo, a Finn and a Dutchie, who share a passion for city bikes and good vibes.

After spending a couple of years studying in the Netherlands, Jesse wanted to bring his beloved ”omafiets”, a Dutch grandma-bike, back to Finland, to which Nemo replied:

Maybe someone else would like one too”?

And so Omapyörä was born.

And here we are, bringing a piece of Dutch culture and identity straight to Finland, with high hopes of establishing a Finnish cycling culture with the same products that make the Dutch one so special and approachable.

We hope you too will join us on our journey with Omapyörä, the unique refurbished city bike from the Netherlands.

Jesse & nemo


We want to bring you an affordable, sustainable and top-notch quality option for urban mobility.

Bringing a piece of the Netherlands to you.


We want to help establish a Finnish cycling culture with a Dutch twist.

Why reinvent the wheel, when we can use the best ones available?